Exclusive offers with Servcorp
Move to a flexible space and reduce your overhead costs!

Is your team splitting their time at the office and home? Do you require greater flexibility with your workspace options ?


More than ever, NO business can take the risk of commiting to future expenses on Fixed Terms. The team may shrink or grow, work partially from home or the office.
It is impossible to predict what two months away will look like. 


Servcorp has many possibilities to cater for all plans. Whether it’s a virtual office or more desk space, we can support you to thrive:

  • Flexibility and agility - move straight into a furnished office, shrink and grow your space depending on your headcount and stay flexible with a monthly rolling contract
  • Cost reduction - flexible office space greatly reduces overhead costs - cheaper leases, flexible terms and less risk
  • Tecnology that works - joining Servcorp gives you instant access to IT infrastructure equivalent to large multinational corporations

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SME Owner
"I love the flexibility Servcorp offers to my company - I only pay for offices when I need them and I can also access their coworking space anywhere in the region. I only get one bill, completely transparent and I only pay for what I strictly used! Servcorp takes care of all my back office and I save over AED 20,000 in salaries each month. I'm in full control of my costs and can focus on generating more revenue through the Servcorp Community. "
Fortune 500 Company Director
"We cannot forecast what the market will look like in just 2 months - we may have to hire again or let more people go! It would be insane to re-sign another traditional lease on a fixed contract and amount of space for a fixed period of time. Servcorp offers us complete flexibility in a very premium environment. My employees are able to work seamlessly from home and several offices in Abu Dhabi thanks to Servcorp's technology and multiple premium locations! Today I have 5 employees working from World Trade Center, 3 from Etihad Towers and 4 from home - next week I will have 5 work from Dubai and 5 in Etihad Towers!



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